Each group has their own needs so intermediate and advanced clinics are a build your own type deal! Take a look at at the topics offered and talk with Ashley about what your group is interested in. Each day allows for 3-4 topics to be covered.

Don't see what you are looking for? Let us know what you want to learn and it can be built into your custom tailored clinic.

Clinic Topics

  1. Bow Tuning

Your equipment is the most consistent thing about this sport, so why not make it as accurate as you can? This block is dedicated to walking students through the process of assessing all of their equipment. We cover the ins and outs of your bow and arrows, how different components affect your shooting, and how to adjust them yourself so you can make changes now and in the future.


  1. Competition Preparation

This time is set aside to go over a number of exercises for  both you and your horse to get ready for different events (Hun, Korean, Qabak, Turkish and Persian style courses etc.).  We also cover the process of finding and registering for events, how competitions typically run, horse selection, scoring, international competition,  and  some of the dos and don’ts of competition. We touch on the mental aspect of horse archery in this block as well.


  1. Sports Psychology

This block delves into the mental aspect of horseback archery and competitive sports. We’ve all seen that really good horse archer at a competition shoot poorly and wondered, “What the heck? I KNOW they can do better than that!”. Don’t let that be you! We go over what your brain is up to when you practice and compete, and focus on techniques to reduce anxiety and build confidence for your next big demo, clinic or competition.


  1. Ground Practice

We take time to practice our ground archery and focus on improving technique. A variety of ground exercises will be included, as well as some of the mental aspects of archery. We will also cover a variety of ways to track your shooting progress.


  1. Mounted Practice

Exactly what it sounds like, we will set aside some time for everyone to practice a variety of exercises on horseback and receive feedback from the instructor.  Focus on riding position, horse handling and training.


  1. Ranking/Postal/Mock competition

In this block we will guide you through how to setup, score and run a standard IHAA Korean or Hungarian course .The current postal match can be substituted for the IHAA standard courses.  Riders will receive feedback Depending on the number of riders or the course chosen, this may require two blocks of time.


  1. All About the Horses

What is it that makes a great archery horse and how do you get your horse to that level? In this block we go cover the skills a horse needs to excel in this sport and be a great partner for you. We will work on training your horse, talk about horse selection in competition, and go over techniques for dealing with unruly horses.


  1. Your Choice

Have something else you would like to cover? Let’s talk and build something unique for your clinic.