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Horseback Archery Today

Welcome to the world of mounted archery!

What was once the key martial art used to conquer the ancient world has grown into a modern day sport. Today, mounted archery is practiced around the world, from Asia to Australia, the U.S. to Europe and beyond.

What makes modern day horse archery great is the degree of flexibility and the amazing community of people. People of all ages, background and skill level participate in mounted archery, and there is something for everyone in this sport. Any kind of horse can be used, with any kind of tack, and any kind of clothing. Archery equipment comes in a wide variety of options. Judging competitions is simple and objective, points are calculated based on speed and target points. And the community of people in horseback archery is unlike any other.

Horseback Archery Info

Everything you need to know about selecting a bow, arrows and quiver to get started in mounted archery.

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Training Information

Exercises, photos, and videos to help you hone those horseback archery skills.

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Information about horse archery events in the U.S. and abroad.

What is it that makes a great archery horse? Find out more about how to get your horse started.


More about commonly used horseback archery courses, standard International Horse Archery Alliance (IHAA) courses.

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History of Horse Archery

Ancient art  to modern sport, learn about how horseback archery developed in recent times and in the past.