The bows used in mounted archery can be either composite or laminate. They can be any style from any culture, the only requirement for competition is that the bow have no shelf. In this case, the arrow rests on the archers hand when nocked. Though a compound bow may be shot from horseback, because of the need to look through the peepsight and aim it is challenging to shoot when moving.

Mounted archery as a sport uses only traditional style bows, and archers shoot while the horse is moving at a walk, trot or canter dependent on what division they compete in.  Shots are taken at a distance ranging from approximately  5-50 meters depending on the event and style. Generally bows range from 25-45 lbs in draw weight, though any weight may be used. The lower draw weight bows allow new archers to develop good form while learning, and fatigue the archer less.

How to Choose a Bow