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Ashley Safa

MA3 Registered Clinician

Hi, welcome to the wide world of mounted archery! I’m Ashley Safa, I have been a horseback archer since 2014 and a horsewoman my entire life. I’ve learned and competed across the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. No matter where I have gone, I have found myself surrounded by support, solidarity, and camaraderie through this sport and its amazing community.

I have had the terrific opportunity to work with and learn from top horseback archers such as Kassai Lajos, Wojtek Osiescki, Christoph Nemethy, Katie Stearns, and Mihai Cozmei. These incredible people, and many more, have helped build me into the horseback archer and clinician I am today. For me, there is nothing more satisfying than having the opportunity to do the same for others.

Located just outside of Eugene, OR I offer private and group lessons around the Pacific Northwest, and clinics anywhere in the United States. If you would like more information about me and this sport please drop me a line or give me a call! There is no obligation to book anything, time introducing people to my favorite sport is always time well spent. Hope to hear from you soon!

Epic Archery

In 2014, I picked up a bow and climbed on board a little gray gelding who took me for my first run of horseback archery. One run. That was all it took to get me hooked on horse archery.

I spent the next two years struggling to find and acquire the right equipment, for me to succeed. Available options were limited and couldn’t be purchased in one place. I knew I couldn't be the only one experiencing this challenge, I also knew I needed to fix this issue. I imagined an inclusive site where mounted archers could find everything they needed from their equipment, to horse archery specific training, to learning how to pick the correct equipment for them, and beyond. Epic Archery was born because I wanted to help others.

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